The Precinct is expected to be operational by March 2025.

The current stage, Stage 1, includes the design and construction of a large manufacturing facility and support of related office and training space.

All tenancies are expected to be available for occupancy from March 2025, with possible early access for tenant fit-out works (to be determined), subject to progress against construction programming.

In addition to the space occupied by anchor tenants and project partners, there will be a number of smaller tenancies available for letting, with tenancy size options up to approximately 1000m2 of production space with services and warehousing provided separately.

The Precinct will house end-to-end support for a beverage SME to scale, from product ideation through to export, including:

  • Contract beverage manufacturing capability
  • Tenancies for letting to like-minded businesses/organisations
  • Warehousing
  • An industry-led R&D centre
  • An expertise co-working hub with centralised offices for manufacturing tenants and other tenants
  • Education and training facilities
  • Space for industry meetings and events

Stage 1 of the TURBINE Precinct will include:

  • a large-scale contract beverage facility
  • co-located manufacturers
  • a collaborative R & D centre
  • expertise and training hub

Negotiations are currently underway for an appropriately zoned (high impact industrial) site in Caloundra and an announcement with regard to the location is expected by September 2023.

The manufacturing tenancies will be provided as a shell with the specified services, features, and utilities provided to specific points in the tenancy. Tenants will be responsible for the full fit-out, supply of internal infrastructure such as platforms, and reticulation of services within the tenancy.

In addition to the base leasing requirement of business viability, to be considered for tenancy within the TURBINE Precinct (Manufacturing), a prospect must:

  • Demonstrate its collaboration values and track record and how these will benefit the prospect, and other occupants and users of the TURBINE Precinct
  • Evidence of a service framework that shows how the provision of service to TURBINE Precinct occupants and users will be prioritised
  • Provide their 5-year Business Plan
  • Provide details of production capabilities, methods, and projections
  • Be an active member of the Food and Agribusiness Network (FAN)
  • Be willing to support a Process Food Safety Risk Assessment to assess the level of introduced risk to the precinct
  • Demonstrate a long-term commitment to supporting and growing local manufacturing

For a full list of the facility features and services available, including the Product Suitability Matrix will be available soon.  Please register to receive future updates.