The Precinct

TURBINE is set to become Australia’s first purpose-built collaborative food and beverage manufacturing precinct where growers and food and beverage manufacturers, from across the Sunshine Coast region and beyond will benefit from the R&D, education and training facilities, contract manufacturing expertise and advanced manufacturing.

The project will have a catalytic and enduring impact on the food and beverage sector on a scale that has not previously existed in Australia and will create lifelong careers for local people. From food technologists to designers and engineers, the TURBINE Precinct will create hundreds of highly skilled careers for locals within an industry where the Sunshine Coast will be among the best in the world.

The power of collaboration

Access to global markets

The impact of this project will be significant with over 100 jobs being created during the construction phase and once operational, it is estimated that an additional 200 plus high-value manufacturing and business roles will be created.

A significant number of products produced within the Precinct are likely to be exported, and accessing global markets will be easily facilitated thanks to the proximity of TURBINE to the Bruce Highway and Brisbane and Sunshine Coast Airports.

Over the long term, the Precinct is expected to boost most industries across the region with the highest uplift in industry value-add likely to be manufacturing with approximately $300 million in revenue expected to be generated by TURBINE’S Project Partners.

Opportunities within TURBINE

TURBINE will be a state-of-the-art facility that:

  • enhances local expertise
  • assists businesses to scale
  • increases business capabilities
  • provides valuable tools and resources to tenants and producers
  • encourages a collaborative ecosystem


TURBINE will also be instrumental in generating, creating and producing quality food and beverages that are yet to be developed and will be innovative and collaborative in its approach.

TURBINE is being made possible thanks to the vision of the Federal Government who has provided total funding of $42.18 million towards this project.

“The Sunshine Coast has so much potential in terms of our food and beverage offering and TURBINE will turbocharge their growth. When complete, the TURBINE Precinct will be instrumental in removing many of the barriers faced by our small and medium businesses, helping them to grow and scale through shared infrastructure and manufacturing.”

Andrew Eves-Brown

CEO/Project Director