The power of collaboration


TURBINE’s Collaborative Food & Beverage Manufacturing Precinct, to be located on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, will enable SME food and beverage manufacturers to innovate and scale.

It is set to become Australia’s leading industry-based food and beverage research, education and commercialisation facility with the precinct expected to gain national and international recognition as a blueprint for collaborative manufacturing.

This end-to-end collaborative food and beverage precinct is a world first, providing lucrative opportunities for businesses at all stages and sizes to build, scale and export, all under one roof. 

TURBINE will be located within the Sunshine Coast Industrial Park in Caloundra and the location will provide seamless access to domestic and global markets.

The Sunshine Coast Industrial Park was Developed by the Queensland Government agency Economic Development Queensland (EDQ) and is perfectly located in a major growth corridor with a large and rapidly growing population.

With direct transport connectivity for freight and logistics the Industrial Park (and other surrounding industrial parks) have already attracted a number of established businesses including Kilcoy Global Foods, Country Chef, Montville Coffee, Brouhaha Brewery and Orora Packaging.

TURBINE is a Commonwealth Government supported project.

Sharing expertise and resources

Beverage manufacturers

Collaborative R&D centre

Expertise & training hub

Opportunities with TURBINE

TURBINE will be a state-of-the-art facility that enhances local expertise and assists businesses to scale and increase their capabilities.

It will provide valuable tools and resources to tenants and producers and will encourage a collaborative ecosystem.

TURBINE will be instrumental in generating, creating and producing quality food and beverages that don’t yet exist and will be innovative and collaborative in its approach.

“The Sunshine Coast has so much potential in terms of our food and beverage offering and TURBINE will turbocharge their growth. When complete, the TURBINE Precinct will be instrumental in removing many of the barriers faced by our small and medium businesses, helping them to grow and scale through shared infrastructure and manufacturing.”

Andrew Eves-Brown

CEO/Project Director